10 09, 2016

The Project Speed – Denise Mueller Facebook

For live feeds and up-to-date information during this weekend, follow her on Facebook at;

29 12, 2015

Cycling: the first NASCAR

Since the practical descent from the 1880’s high wheelers the bicycle in it’s current “diamond” shape has seen many record attempts. Since the very beginning, speed and more speed was the most common objective. From flat tracks, promoters found they could increase the speed-and excitement- with higher and higher banking. Pacing riders […]

8 12, 2015

Racing … in cars!

I just returned from another fun weekend of racing. No, not bicycle racing, but car racing! I have been racing cars since 2011 with an organization called LeMons. Before you start thinking about an elitist style of racing in some fancy car, you need to understand what LeMons is all about. […]