Project Speed – the first women’s attempt at the Paced Bicycle Land Speed Record at Bonneville in September 2016. Meet Coach and 1985 Men’s 152mph record holder, John Howard, Professional Race Car Drive or the Pace Car, Shea Holbrook & the cyclist, Denise Mueller. Not only is Denise attempting the FIRST women’s record, she is […]

Rancho Santa Fe Connector: Pedal to the Metal

Had a great interview about the Women’s Bicycle Land Speed Record with Paulette Britton of the Rancho Santa Fe Connector magazine.


CBS 8 San Diego: Denise Korenek (Mueller) is a true believer.

As seen on San Diego CBS 8. Denise Mueller is a true believer. She first jumped in the egg about a year-and-a-half ago, and soon noticed a change. She set off on a quest to set a land speed record on a bicycle.

Road and Track: John Howard sets 152 mph land speed record

For the stunt, Howard worked with Rick Vesco, who agreed to modify his No. 444 streamliner to serve as a wind break.

Pez Cycling News: The Coach-Athlete Connection

An in-depth look at coaching featuring Denise Mueller and John Howard.

Carlsbad Magazine: Need for Speed

A feature on Denise as seen in Carlsbad Magazine. 

92009 Magazine: Gearing Up

Article featured in 92009 magazine about Denise Mueller’s quest for the record.