Behind every successful athlete is a team of people who help make that athlete a success. I write this following a successful team effort at the recent Tour de Murrieta stage race this past weekend. Sisterhood of Cycling, the team I race with, won the Best Overall Team for the Women’s Pro/1/2/3 category at the stage race. The beauty is that we did this through harnessing the variety of talents of many teammates to win as a team. It was not about the one individual athlete that won a stage, it is the whole team and all the unseen sacrifices by them that made it possible. Recognizing the hard work of everyone that made this possible is key to a harmonious and strong team. Thank you team Sisterhood of Cycling!

Similar to a bicycle race, where there are those who are behind the scenes and out of the limelight that do a lot of the work to make a win possible, so is it in preparing for a big event/project. I feel it is important to recognize the selfless efforts of those whom support the one that seems to be in the limelight. For the Women’s Bicycle Land Speed Record, that main person is my coach and business partner, John Howard. As we embark on this project there are many behind the scenes processes that have needed to take place to make this project a reality. From the creation of a website and proposal, to getting vendors and sponsors lined up, there have been many hours of preparation and followup, not to mention all the training and coaching. John and I meet weekly specifically to plan/review our activities, progress and responsibilities. I never realized just how much effort goes into preparing for an event of this magnitude … I have a whole new appreciation for event organizers!

The Women’s Bicycle Land Speed Record will be an amazing event, and we appreciate the support from each of our sponsors, friends and followers. It certainly takes a Team to make it happen! I am honored and appreciative of my “teammate” on this project, John Howard. Thank you John!