2016 is slated to be one heck of a year! We have the Olympics, a presidential election, and now (drum roll please) the Women’s Bicycle Land Speed Record happening in 2016!

The ToBeFastest team announces that the Women’s Bicycle Land Speed Record event will be scheduled for September 2016. Although we had originally selected September 2015 as our target date for the record attempt, we have encountered some delays that have made it necessary to postpone the record attempt for one year. Although it is disappointing to have to postpone, it is also a prudent choice. The engineering and preparation of the custom bicycle and vehicle is a lengthy process which is necessary to ensure proper testing and safety. We felt we could not safely get all the necessary preparation done by our first deadline of July 8th when the live field testing was scheduled to occur in Utah.

Why September? Why not sooner in 2016? Well, the record attempt will happen in conjunction with an annual event called the World of Speed which occurs in September of each year when the salt ground at the Bonneville Salt Flats is at its most ideal condition for speed records. This event is sanctioned and organized by the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (USFRA). USFRA organizes all the official speed traps, course preparation, staff, permits & safety teams for this event. If we were to attempt to set up an event for just our own record, the expense would be prohibitive. In addition, by doing the event in conjunction with the World of Speed, we are honoring the tradition of the most recent past two men’s record holders (John Howard 1985 & Fred Rompelberg 1995) who broke the Men’s Bicycle Land Speed Record during the USFRA’s event.

We appreciate all our followers and supporters. We look to continue to build the awareness of this event, our cause (Empowerment of Women) & our charitable partner (WorldFit.com). Thank you!